Reading Campaign

The reading campaign at our school engages students and educators alike in a celebration of literature and literacy.

The “Readathon “for a cause not only fostered a love for reading but also allowed participants to contribute to a meaningful cause, making the act of reading even more impactful.

Pairing students as “Book Buddies” creates a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, as they shared their favorite books and discussed their reading adventures.

The "Book Swaps” provided an exciting opportunity for everyone to discover new stories and authors while promoting sustainability through the reuse of books. Additionally, the “Mystery Readers” brought an element of surprise and anticipation to the campaign, as students eagerly awaited the guest appearances of various members of the school community to read aloud cherished tales.

Overall, the campaign not only promotes a love for reading but also fosters a sense of community and altruism among the participants.